Honeywell Notifier SaaS

NOTIFIER by Honeywell is the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems with over 400 distributors worldwide and regional support operations on every continent.

Problem Statement

Notifier’s End Users demand better service delivery model for maintenance and management of installed base. They want to manage post sales by channels from monitoring to maintenance, need timely alert for preventive maintenance and better manage transitions of ESDs / service providers. Also need to check status from central locations to reduce high cost to provide service at remote locations.

Value Proposition

For fire alarm maintenance personnel's, who want complete information about their fire alarm system in a very less time, our Notifier SaaS provides Rs 60,000 of value per year unlike ESDs visiting the site and manually checking it at the panel. We do this by getting all the information about the fire alarm panel on the laptop screen in a concise and simple manner as demonstrated by concept cases with high success rate.

  • CompanyHoneywell International Inc.
  • Year2014


We conducted VOC sessions with stakeholders and potential customers. Through these OVOC Sessions, we wanted to:
1. Validate the business proposition of the product.
2. To understand and create personas who will use our product. Who are the primary users ? Who are the secondary users? How can our product help them achieve their tasks, improve their current experience?
3. Understand the existing customer journey. What is being done & what is the thought behind it? What are the current pain points / blockers / technical constraints?
4. Who are the key stakeholders in the entire value chain? How do they influence the product? Who are the decision makers in buying / installation / usage? Who are the influencers? What are the parameters which they will use to measure our product’s viability - example : cost? value add?...

Our Process


Role: Engineered Systems Distributor (ESD)

Role: Facility Manager

Role: Maintenance Manager



Key insights

High Level Wireframes & Explorations

Persona : Facility Manager

High Level Wireframes & Explorations

Persona : Facility Manager